History of the department

   The Department of Professional Methods and Technologies of Primary Education was established in June 2016. on the basis of reorganization of such departments of pedagogical faculty, as: mathematical and natural disciplines of primary education, philology and methods of primary education, art disciplines and the theory and methods of primary education. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Nadiya Ivanivna Lutsan was elected the head of the department.
    The department provides training for bachelors in “Primary Education” and implements scientific and methodological work aimed at its implementation in the context of the New State Standard. Today, the Department of Professional Methods and Technologies of Primary Education employs experienced research and teaching staff, including both doctors and candidates of pedagogical sciences.
    The educational process of training future primary school teachers is provided by professors -N. I. Lutsan, O. S. Kondur, P. M. Koval, T. M. Kotik, T. B. Kachak, O. V. Kachmar; Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors – L. V. Babelska, IB Bai, SB Barilo, LM Vysochan, MV Hnatiuk, SR Zamrozevych, N. B. Maksymenko, L. Y. Mezhilovska, L. S. Pletenytska, R. Ya. Romanyshyn, S. E. Ushnevich, LI Khimchuk, AV Struk, OS Rega; teacher NM Pasek.
    Teachers of the department are the authors of numerous textbooks and manuals of methodical direction (including the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).
    An important area of the department’s work is its systematic consistent cooperation with institutions of higher education abroad, including the Krakow Pedagogical University named after the National Education Commission and the Jan Dlugosz University of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Czestochowa (Poland).
In order to improve the level of their professional qualification, the teachers of the department carry out scientific internships both in domestic higher education institutions and institutions of European level in such countries as Poland and Finland.
    In addition, scientists of the department take an active part in scientific, scientific-methodical, scientific-practical conferences, which take place both in leading universities of Ukraine and abroad (Israel, Poland), where they make reports at plenary and sectional meetings.