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Kachmar Oleksandra (1974) – Doctor of Philosophy (2018), PhD. in pedagogy (2007), Teacher of Arts, Associate Professor of the Department of Professional Methods and Technologies of Primary Education (2010). Graduated from the Kolomyia Pedagogical School, Music Department with a degree in “musical education”, magistracy of the Carpathian National University. V.Stefanyka majoring in Music Education (1999), graduated from TNEU with a degree in International Management (2016). He has been working at the Department of Professional Methods and Technologies of Primary Education since 2016. 2001-2005-Graduate study 2007-Defense of Candidate’s Thesis on “Pedagogical Heritage and Public and Educational Activities of Omelyan Partytsky” 2010-Received the title of Assistant Professor 2012 – Honored Artist of Ukraine 2018-defended her doctoral thesis and received the title of Doctor of Philosophy. The main scientific works are devoted to musical education and problems of art in the modern school. Awards: Certificate of the Chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Committee of Trade Unions of Workers of Science and Education of Ukraine. 2016 Acknowledgment of the Chairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council for his significant contribution to the development of the Carpathian culture. 2018 Participation in the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Development of Civic Competences in Ukraine – DOCCU”, providing training in the field of knowledge “Education” specialty “Primary education”, volume 5 ECTS credits, 2018 Internship at the Israel Independent Academy of Science, Netanya (2019, 108 hours).    Certificate B2 for the Polish language test, 2019 Speech at the Reporting Scientific Conference of University Teachers, Doctoral Students, Postgraduate Students and Students for 2018, topic of the report “Aggression as a sociocultural phenomenon of modern society”, March 18, 2019 Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Education Articles in editions: Timkov B. The female color of Kalushchyna: 100 known edges. Bibliographic reference book. Kalush. 2013, pp. 100-104. Anthology of Pedagogical Thought in East Galicia and Ukrainian Abroad in the Twentieth Century: A Study. manual. Higher Educational Institution “Precarpathian National University”. Ivano-Frankivsk. 2009. WITH. Before personal change. The topic of the doctoral thesis is “Socio-philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of aggression in socio-cultural dynamics”. Add scientific papers for 2019

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International Scientific Internship at the Prague Institute of Advanced Training, which is part of the Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic – November-December 2016), Participation in the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference “Professional Art Education and Art Culture: Challenges of the 21st Century” with the publication of an article in the conference collection – “Mechanisms of perception of large-format musical works at music lessons” – (April 14-15, 2016). Participation in the First International Scientific Conference (Kaunas, Lithuania, October 26-30, 2016). Participation in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Challenges and Prospects for the Development of European Education”, conference materials in the collection “Education of Honesty in Preschoolers” (November, 2016) Participation in the Internet conference “Professional training of future teachers of artistic direction: music, choreography, fine arts” – Ivano-Frankivsk, 2016 Participation in the 5th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Personality, Society, Politics” – (23-24 December 2016) at the Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (Poland), program and collection of materials. Scientific publications for 2018 1.Dmytro Dzvinchuk, Oleksandra Kachmar A Look Into the Future: Cyber ​​Aggression as a Problem of Interaction in Space Exploration. Philosophy and Cosmology. Kyiv. 2018 Volume 21. Academic journal. Kyiv: ISSN 2518-1866 (online). p. 54-61. Professional Scientific Metric Edition (Web of Science). 2. 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II All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference on the 78th Anniversary of B. Stuparyk’s Birthday: “Teaching staff istics: theory, history, educational practice”. Electronic Collection of Materials. (March 5, 2018). The topic of the doctoral thesis is “Socio-philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of aggression in socio-cultural dynamics”. Add scientific papers for 2019 Scientific interests: music education and problems in the new Ukrainian school, philosophical views on the problem of preventing and overcoming aggression in the educational environment

The leader of the vocal ensemble “Hutsulocka Carpathians” (2010), laureates of international festivals in Krakow (2011), Presov (2011), guests of the 20th Hutsul International Festival “Hutsulia 2012”, performed on the stages of Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Canada, Australia. Released 2 albums “Where the Blue Mountains” (2011), “Hello, My Family” (2013). Conducts active concert activity. The department teaches music-theoretical disciplines, basic musical instrument (piano), the basics of stage and screen art, methods of musical education. He is a participant of numerous All-Ukrainian and International conferences, author of many scientific and educational-methodical publications on music education. Participation of “Hutsulocka Carpathians” collective in the International First Art Festival of the Carpathian region “Carpathian Space” (2016), Participation in the New Year program “Christmas Fairytale” (2016), Participation in the celebration of the holiday “Ivan Kupala” in Budapest at the invitation of the Head of Ukrainian Capital of Self-Government in Hungary (July 2016), appearances on the regional television Galicia in the New Year’s program “Musical” 2017), on TV RAI – Christmas Greetings 2017, participation in the Polish-Ukrainian celebration on the cooperation between Opole (Poland) and Ivano-Frankivsk – celebration of the 10th anniversary. “Carpathian Hutsuloches” International Art Festival in Krakow In celebration of the Days of Ukraine in Poland, the team visited the Tsipelia International Festival of Folk Crafts and Arts Celebration of Ukraine Flag Day at the Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow 21st International Hutsul Festival (Nadvirna, 09/11/15) A colorful vocal collective that loves, protects and nurtures an ever-living Ukrainian song, giving people their warm hearts in the melodies of folk music. The main target of the team is to please the audience, and the greatest award is considered by the artists to shout “bravo” and “sing more”. The vocal ensemble “Hutsulochki Carpathians” – former students of the Carpathian National University. Vasily Stefanyk, who for many years from 1994 to 2010 participated in the folk vocal ensemble “Hutsulochki”, composed of Ulyana Moshura, Oleksandra Kachmar, Zoryana Merinova and the leader of the ensemble of Honored Cultural Worker Maria Klepar. However, in 2010, a new distinctive band “Hutsulocka Carpathians” was formed, consisting of Ulyana Moshura, Zoryana Merinova, Natalia Shoturma and the head of the ensemble Oleksandra Kachmar, sometimes assisted by the concertmaster – Mykola Humeniak. The collective takes an active part in the concert activity of the region. He is a regular participant in many regional and local concert programs. “Hutsulochek Carpathians” have visited many concert extravaganzas, in different corners of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odessa, Zaporizhzhia, Lugansk, Lviv, Ternopil, where they have represented their art and have earned enough appreciation of professional and demanding critics. From the very beginning of his creative career in 2010, the ensemble visited the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine in Switzerland in Bern, which was attended by representatives of the state authorities, the diplomatic corps of Switzerland, as well as representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora. Also in 2010, members of the team participate as guests of the XXIII Congress of Ukrainians of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta, and offer a heartfelt thank you note and a letter of appreciation from the head of the Congress of Ukrainians, Mrs. Darius Lutz. The girls caused tears of nostalgia and longing for their native land by their singing, enchanted the participants of the Congress with charming Ukrainian melody. In May 2011, the Hutsulocka Carpathian band releases an audio album “Where are the Blue Mountains, Where is the Carpathian Mountains …”, created with the help of the talented musicians Igor Yuzyuk and Igor Mlynsky in the recording studio “Fata Morgana”, whose songs have already won love and popularity among listeners of different age groups. Further in 2011, the team is present at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence Day in the Slovak Republic of Pryashev, where it receives high praise and appreciation for the multiplication of folk art and popularization of pearls of folk folklore. In October of the same year, they participate in a concert program celebrating the 10th anniversary of cooperation between the Ivano-Frankivsk region and the Opole Voivodeship. With concerts and participation in collective creative performances, the ensemble popularizes vocal art among a certain community, bringing to the attention of the public a Ukrainian song and interest in Ukrainian issues. Every time, they try to surprise the residents of the countries they visit. Today “Hutsulochek Carpathians” sound in 14 languages. In the repertoire of which there are many Ukrainian folk songs, author songs. The team also performs songs in many foreign languages, including Russian, Polish, English, German, Slovak, Azerbaijani and even Chinese. In August 2012, at the invitation of the Consul General in Krakow, Vitaliy Maksimenko took part in the celebration of Ukraine Day as part of the Polish Folk Festival of Song and Dance. The Donetsk Regional State Administration expressed its gratitude to the Head of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration, Mikhail Vyshyvaniuk, personally and to the ensemble “Hutsulochki Karpat” for their participation in the celebration of the folk song “Know. Love. Berezh.”, Which took place on October 13, 2012 in Donetsk. The collective is participants and laureates of many festivals. These are “Pokutsky springs”, “Honey Spas” (Kolomyia), “Christmas extravaganza”, “Sky and earth are triumphing now” (Bogorodchany), International Hutsul festival (Verkhovyna) 2012, “Kalina” (Serbia) 2012, “Boyko vatra” ”,“ Lemkivska Vatra ”2013. Going on the road to any festival or performance do not forget the girls and their original style, the wonder-costumes, the idea of ​​which is usually thought of alone, trusting the sewing and decoration of unique embroidery only experienced craftsmen: many costumes worked by artist Alexander Oleksandr fashion designer Natalia Sulima. On June 7-9, 2013, at the invitation of the Central Representation of the Union of Ukrainian Organizations of Australia, within the framework of the 14th Ukrainian Ukrainians Movement in Sydney, a delegation from the Carpathian region was composed of the vocal ensemble “Hutsulochki Carpathians”. The team performed on the largest stage in Sydney, where it was successful, the love of the public, tears of joy and words of gratitude from the audience. Due to a number of different circumstances, the composition of the collective changes in 2013, and the soloist of the municipal chamber choir “Halytska Peredvon” – Juliana Korol, adds to the ensemble of freshness and inflammatory enthusiasm. On May 11, 2013, the debut of “Hutsulochek Carpathians” took place in a new lineup, participating in the celebration of Europe Day in Ivano-Frankivsk. With their compilations of music compositions, citizens were forced to reflect on the country of the performer. This year’s celebrations were remembered for an interesting event – the European Wreath weaving. It has become a good tradition for several years in a row to introduce the city’s residents and visitors to the traditions and culture of different countries of the world, demonstrating one of the main principles of the European Union – tolerance, which is also the basis of democracy and human rights. Europe Day 2013 became an integral part of the City Day program and best evidenced Ivano-Frankivsk’s European position on the international map. Immediately after, on May 18 of that year, “Hutsulocka Carpathians” participated in the first international festival of military-patriotic song “Song without Borders”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Leading ensembles and performers, as well as war veterans of Afghanistan from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania, were featured in the festival program. In October 2013, the Hutsuloches of the Carpathians performed a concert program in front of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Hungary (Komar – the center of three capitals – Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava) in celebration of National Day. In addition to performing at various festivals, awards, thanks and diplomas, one of the most significant achievements of the team is receiving a high state award – the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. The vocal ensemble “Hutsulochki Carpathians” is a small singing “unity”, which still exists due to the relentless desire to do a common cause – to sing a folk song, bringing it worthily to listeners and spectators. The success of the collective consists of many components: repertoire, original arrangement, composition of programs, interpretations in the reproduction of ancient Ukrainian songs, performed in modern treatment, as if they were born a second time. His own personality, performance style, constant creative search, high professionalism make it possible to claim that the band “Hutsulochki Karpat” is now one of the most popular vocal groups of Ukraine. Disciplines: Musical art with teaching methods; Methods of teaching pedagogy in the Higher school; Formation of cross-curricular aesthetic competences of younger students Elementary school teacher’s music certificate. Timkov B. The female color of Kalushchyna: 100 known edges. Bibliographic reference book. Kalush. 2013, pp. 100-104. Anthology of Pedagogical Thought in East Galicia and Ukrainian Abroad in the Twentieth Century: A Study. manual. Higher Educational Institution “Precarpathian National University”. Ivano-Frankivsk. 2009. WITH.

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